Deal with volume, velocity, variety, and veracity

Data is the number one asset in the world of business by impacting long-term success. Why let it go to waste? We can help you untap the potential of that data by creating data pipelines, lakes, warehouses, and lakehouses

Data Pipelines

Batch and real time data ingestion, processing, and querying.

Data Lakes

Tiered architecture for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data with cataloging and governance.

Data Warehouses

Business focussed data modelling and structure to enable enterprise grade reporting and analytics.


Understand, interrogate, learn, and forecast

AutoML has commoditized the process of building AI and Machine Learning models but cleaning the data, managing the models, deriving insights, and making them actionable is still a daunting task. We can make it less daunting by enabling citizen data science.


Models that can be shared and evolved through notebooks.


Machine Learning lifecycle management through ML pipelines, auto retraining, versioning, packaging, and deployment.

Actionable Insights

Making the insights from models actionable by linking them with your existing business processes and workflows.


Build software apps that will eat the world

Building scalable, cross-platform, and resilient software is hard but our app company knows how to tame that beast because of our experience in building Internet scale services.


Scalable, resilient, high-throughput, and low-latency containerized services.


Event driven services that are executed on demand.


Cross-platform apps that visualize data and make AI actionable.

Our Portfolio

Some Projects Across Software, Data, and AI

Our Tech

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Our Philosophy

Own, Build, Nurture, and Scale

We build quality software rather than provide services
We build connections rather than contracts with our customers
We provide outcomes rather than clock hours
We build experiences rather than interfaces
We build systems rather than write code
We take responsibility rather than pass the buck
We architect and design rather than hack
We measure and improve rather than be complacent